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Who doesn't like receiving gifts?

Posted by Marija Plavcic on
Tko ne voli primati poklone?

Maybe you're not one for the holiday shopping spree, but who doesn't love receiving gifts? Small signs of attention do not mean much in financial terms, but in terms of attention they mean a lot, regardless of which side they are on (receiver or giver). The intention or message that you are thinking of someone is in itself the greatest gift. That's why we have prepared some gift suggestions for you that make just that little sign of attention, that say that we think of each other, and of course, that we always give with love.

So let's go. Before choosing a gift, it is always good to think about what kind of person we are choosing a gift for, what life situation they are in at the moment and what they would need the most or just make them happy. What colors or scents does she like, does she have any rituals that fulfill her... That's how you determine the direction to which you will shift your attention. You can never go wrong with preparative cosmetics because realistically - we all use them. And we need it sometimes, regardless of whether it is the type of person who pays a lot of attention to it or has only one or two basic products that serve him for everything.

We've compiled a list of gift suggestions for (hopefully) all situations. Or at least most of them that we all encounter. And yes, we also have gift suggestions for all those who you may not know well enough or who simply have everything.

With Sapunotek, know that you are giving environmentally sustainable gifts that are made of natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, in ecological packaging, most of which are biodegradable,while the rest can be recycled countless times . This can also be a wonderful message to send with a gift.

A practical package for your favorite bearded man

The gift package of natural cosmetics for men "Regoč" contains:

beard care gift package regoč

We created a finished product under the motto "all in one" . The woody musky scent of sandal that dominates this package, created for men and suitable for everyone, has the additional function of enhancing the bactericidal properties and preventing irritation due to shaving.

If the whole package does not suit you, you can combine the products individually for a practical solution according to your needs. For example shaving soap can also be used by the fairer sex, and beer soap can be used universally for everything - face, beard, hair, hands and the whole body due to its gentle natural ingredients. In addition, you can also separately order beard care oil made from argan, sesame and Indian sandalwood, which simultaneously cares for the beard , but also the skin under the chin, and is equally effective for hair (strengthens hair follicles and stimulates their growth).

Everyone has the best mom

Our gift package for mom called "The Best Mom" ​​contains a rich content of caring products that every mom deserves for all the love and attention she gives us.

The package includes:

a gift for mom, a humanitarian gift

In addition, by purchasing this package, you also support all "SOS mothers" because Sapunoteka allocates HRK 40 per package for SOS Children's Villages in Croatia.

For every friend who always readily listens to you and cheers you up just when you need it

Just like your best friend, the cheerful gift package "Flight of the Bumblebee", dominated by cheerful citrus notes, is just like that - it is ideal for those irredeemably optimistic and cheerful people. Or for those who could use a little optimism. :)

The package contains:

gift for a friend for a sister oranges citrus bumblebee flight

If you are not in favor of a package, the "Mala vještica" olive oil apple ( enhanced exfoliation with the poppy effect and green clay) will perhaps be a nice gift "from love" to your best friend or sister.

For kids - small and big

Aptly named and aptly used,scented soap like "Flower Children" in addition to the wacky name carries rich, cheerful scents of orange and patchouli and is suitable for daily showering and hand washing due to its mild and simple formula. The "Lavender & Cinnamon Sea Salt Soap" in the shape of a heart is just as nourishing, and will arouse an additional holiday mood due to the holiday scent of cinnamon.

That couple for whom it is difficult to find a common gift

The solution for such a couple can be found in the "Call of the Wild" gift package with products that can be used for both her and him.

The package contains ingredients and unisex fragrance notes (rosemary, hemp and olive) that can be liked by both him and her, and it contains:

gift for boyfriend unisex gifts gift for couple call of the wild

For gentle touches, even on minuses

The winter period does not go hand in hand for anyone due to the harsher temperatures that are often reflected in the rougher and drier skin of the hands. Therefore , the "Hedgehog House" gift package with warm and nourishing notes is ideal for such situations. At the same time, another universal gift for her or him. Depending on whose tender touches it is consecrated.

Consists of:

gift for girlfriend for daughter for wife almond vanilla hedgehog house

For all those who need "5 minutes just for me" in the day

A combination of products that make up a spa package for everyone and those "5 minutes a day just for me", with a focus on the face. You can choose products that include rituals for:

- cleansing the face, for which the "Bolje oat than rob" soap is ideal. suitable for oily and dry skin

spa gifts for relaxation natural cosmetics care soaps

- applying daily face cream : Wild rose - shea butter - immortelle (for dry and mature skin), Chamomile - black cumin - evening primrose (for normal and sensitive skin) or Hazelnut - tea tree - bergamot (for oily and problematic skin)

- and night creams for the face : Anti-age or Hydrating with hyaluronic acid and ceramides

- and additionally, if necessary , face and body peeling BHA 2% ( every two weeks )

Universal spa package

A combination of products that make up a spa package for everyone and those "5 minutes a day just for me", with a focus on the body. You can choose products that include:

- body scrub: Lavender & Olive , Lemon & Apricot or Vanilla & Almond

- Body lotion : Almond , Pumpkin (for all skin types), Apricot or Olive

For the boss

Simple, practical, fragrant and natural - ideal for every boss. If you combine a set of several scented soaps + hand cream - you won't go wrong.

- Soaps with sea salt (brodić) ideal for hands and daily showering are: Lavender-cinnamon, Mandarin-lemongrass, Orange-clove, Mint-anise-activated charcoal.

- Olive oil soap "It's not all so gray" will additionally relax with a combination of bergamot, lemongrass and mandarin .

- You can find universal hand creams from: Almond & cocoa, Olive & lavender or Shea & hemp.

For those who have everything

soap shop gift card

If you are not quite sure what to give to someone who you think has everything, believe me, you can always find something that will come in handy for that person. Leave the choice up to them, it is enough to give them a Sapunoteka gift card that can be used within a period of up to five years. An ideal gift for all those who are not close to us at the moment, because you choose for them, and we send them a gift package.

For those who like DIY projects

essential oils a gift for Christmas

A selection of seven Sapunoteka scented essential oils (regardless of whether you gift them all or only certain ones) can motivate the person to whom the gift is intended to do additional DIY activities. Whether she uses essential oils in a diffuser, pots that are placed on the radiator or a poutpourri of her own making, you won't go wrong with a choice of scents from rosemary, lemon, tangerine, sweet orange, lavender, sage or mint. How to combine them, find in our article "Which essential oils to improve mood and mental health" .

If you combine essential oils with sea salt and Sapunoteka's massage oil Sensual of apricot and jojoba , you have several possibilities, considering that the above can also be used to make a fragrant body scrub.

Promotions and discounts are ongoing only on our web shop

Follow us on social networks, because until Christmas there are promotions and discounts on certain products, which are valid only when purchasing from our web shop, so your ideal combination of gifts may actually be the most favorable.

We wish everyone happy holidays and pleasant shopping and many magical moments of gifted attention.


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