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Let your hair shine in the "green" spirit of the holidays this year

Posted by Marija Plavcic on
Neka vaša kosa zablista u „zelenom“ duhu blagdana ove godine

Long or short, blonde, brown, red or proud gray, straight or curly - you will agree that every hair is a face decoration, especially a woman's. How much attention we pay to it is also reflected in the common term " good hair day ", which is associated with the feeling of satisfaction when our hair looks good.

Considering that every cell in our body renews itself in certain cycles, this is valid for three to five years for hair. On a monthly basis, hair grows on average about one centimeter. It is already an opportunity to renew itself, and regain its shine, fullness and softness despite various weather conditions that are not favorable to it. In this winter time, sudden changes in cold and warm temperatures, dry air or strong wind, do not have a very favorable effect on our hair - they dry out and break the hair follicles.

In addition, the green ecological trend is increasingly entering every sphere of our lives, thus becoming popular during the Christmas holidays. The gifting of ecological gifts in sustainable packaging, the use of ecological decorations, Christmas trees with roots, and even ecological beauty products - including those for hair care - are encouraged.

Therefore, despite the unfavorable winter conditions for your hair, you can still take care of it and nurture it in a natural, ecological and sustainable way and be part of the "green" spirit of the holidays. And don't forget to have fun while doing it, for example by creating holiday hairstyles, because it's time for fun and relaxation. And we reveal to you a suggestion on how to make your hair shine in the right Christmas or party look.

An ideal gift for the green spirit of the holidays - ecological rigid shampoo packaging

sapunoteka solid shampoo

The green trend increasingly focuses on products whose packaging does not create a large amount of plastic waste. Otherwise, only half of this waste comes from household products and cosmetics.

If we take into account that packaging has its own life span - from production, analysis of reactivity to the content of the product in it, keeping the content from spoiling within a certain period of use, and the impact on the environment after disposal - when it comes to products without packaging, this is reduced to minimum.

The only packaging that Sapunoteka's solid shampoos have in this case is the recycled cardboard that protects the shampoo bar.

(Photo: Nina Slišković Goleš @ninasliskovicgoles)

By using Sapunoteka solid shampoos, you get "all in one"

In addition to being ecological, Sapunoteka's solid shampoos are made from natural, organic and biodegradable ingredients, and are completely vegan and cruelty free. They do not contain harmful preservatives, emulsifiers, parabens, surfactants or detergents (such as SLS, SLES, ALS, ALES and PEG), silicones, phthalates, or artificial fragrances.

The good ingredients that you will find in these shampoos are vitamins such as Panthenol (provitamin B5), which regenerates the hair and makes combing easier, "good" alcohols of vegetable origin such as cetearyl alcohol or SCS ( sodium coco sulfate, obtained from organically grown coconuts) which act as surfactants, emulsifiers and stabilizers, glycerin that restores moisture to the hair, l immune acid that ensures that the shampoo is not too alkaline and does not cause irritation, e essential oils such as rosemary or tea tree that act as a natural preservative, and various vegetable oils such as avocado, macadamia, coconut, argan , jojoba, shea butter or castor oil , which are great substitutes for silicones.

Because of the good combination of natural ingredients, conditioner is not needed with this nourishing shampoo.

In addition, they are practical to use because one bar of solid shampoo can replace two plastic bottles of liquid shampoo. And they are also practical to take on trips.

Types of Sapunoteka solid shampoos and where to buy them

Sapunoteka's solid shampoos are suitable for every hair type. For normal, oily hair and anti-dandruff, you will find it in all DM stores across Croatia, along with the rest of Sapunoteka's range of products.

solid hair shampoos soap conditioner conditioner

In shampoo for normal hair you will find oatmeal that gently removes excess fat, macadamia oil and butter that give hair shine, and lavender, tea tree and grapefruit essential oils for a clean and healthy scalp.

In anti-dandruff shampoo there are extracts of nettle and hibiscus - excellent allies against dandruff, cypress that soothes irritated scalp, and neem oil that has an antibacterial effect.

Oily hair , which is very often associated with a dry scalp and disturbed pH of the scalp (stress, excessive washing of hair, influence of hormones), is best well hydrated with castor oil, while bitter orange and bergamot, which are part of this shampoo , will help regulate the secretion of sebum, and the green clay gently removes excess fat.

(Photo: Nataša, @burbon_i_borovnice)

In addition, in the regular offer through our web shop, you will find a shampoo for dry and curly hair in which mango butter and avocado oil combined with lavender and cedar essential oils richly nourish the hair. A shampoo for volume and hair strengthening thanks to castor oil, cocoa butter and vitamin B5 , it restores hair, while sea salt gives volume and maca extract promotes growth.

How to use solid shampoos

It's simple. It is important to wet your hair beforehand because it will help the shampoo lather faster. Rub the shampoo through the scalp a few times, just like you rub your hands with soap - and that's it. As soon as the foam forms (and it forms quickly), massage it a little more (and distribute it) throughout the hair.

It is also important not to wash your hair with hot water because it damages it. It is also not recommended to wash your hair every day or too often (up to twice a week is best) because it further dries it out and promotes faster greasing.

In order for the bar of solid shampoo to last as long as possible, after each use, put it on a mat where it can dry until the next wash. Just like you do with soap.

As hair is most sensitive when it is wet, experts recommend that it is not good to comb it then. Hair is strongest when it is dry. However, the opposite is true for curly and wavy hair (so feel free to comb it while it is wet).

We invited influencers to try Sapunoteka's solid hair shampoos. Here's how they liked them...

"I recently switched to solid shampoos for my hair, and I am the most satisfied with these Sapunoteki ones so far. They last for a very long time, which was unimaginable to me until now," Nataša, with distinctive orange hair, shared her experience from the Instagram profile @burbon_i_borovnice .

The well-known brunette from Split, radio host and columnist Nina Slišković Goleš @ninasliskovicgoles said : "I admit publicly that I was very skeptical about hard shampoos. It sounds great in theory, but what about in practice? Does it foam enough? Is it awkward to handle? Do they smell as good as I want them to? My dear Sapunoteka invited me to try their hard shampoo and solved all my doubts already during the first hair wash. I'm actually beyond excited because not only are these shampoos ecological, natural, organic, cruelty free, but they're also everything you want for your hair (plus you don't need to use conditioner with them)."

Singer Sabrina Hebiri @__sabrina_hebiri__ also enjoys Sapunoteka's shampoos and hair oil with which she cares for her lush, curly dark brown hair: "For the first time, I didn't use conditioner because I usually can't do anything with my hair without it, so I'm very satisfied. I tried the oil and it's really great! It smells wonderful and it doesn't make my hair greasy... even that wouldn't bother my hair because I have dry hair, but some oils make it look like I haven't washed it. So Sapunoteka's oil is great for me, my hair wasn't even messy, but just the way it should be - with volume and a nice look."

sabrina curly hair hard shampoo sabrina singer hair hairstyle hard shampoo conditioner sapunoteka

(Photo: Sabrina Hebiri @__sabrina_hebiri__ )

When hair needs a sauce treatment - Sapunoteka's pakung oil comes to the rescue

The first rule to help dry and lifeless hair is good hydration. For this purpose, castor oil will work well, while argan oil will nourish it richly. Apart from it, macadamia oil is also a frequently used oil in hair care because it protects it from drying out, and at the same time speeds up the drying time of hair after washing and ultimately gives it a silky and soft feeling.

soapy hair oil solid soapy shampoo

(Photo: Jelena Ćudina, @jelenajeleee)

You will find combinations of these oils in Sapunoteka's pakung hair oil which you can use by applying it only to the tips of the hair, which will additionally help combing it. By massaging it into the scalp and leaving it on for half an hour, after which you wash your hair, it will act like a real SOS treatment, thanks to the avocado oil in its composition, which gives strength and shine, and the sesame oil, which heals the hair. Rosewood essential oil works against split ends. You can apply this hair pack before every wash. When the hair recovers, you can apply it less often, once a month.

Let your hair also shine in the Christmas spirit

Regardless of whether you prefer loose hair, casually gathered in a bun or a romantic hairstyle - combing is equally important in hair care. By combing regularly, at least once a day, we massage the scalp and thereby stimulate circulation, thereby strengthening the hair and promoting its growth. Combing also helps the natural sebum of the scalp to be distributed throughout the rest of the hair and thus protects it from drying out. In addition, we remove dirt from dust, smog or the like and help to remove dead hair follicles. In other words, we help the hair to breathe.

And how to shine in the Christmas spirit and make a festive hairstyle in just a few seconds, we reveal to you in the next photo. A nice ribbon (you probably have some left over from gift wrapping) is enough to tie a half-tail on the top of the head. Before that, you can ruffle your hair a little (or wet it) so that it falls casually.

holiday hairstyle


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