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Unusual or exotic ingredients in natural herbal soaps

Posted by Marija Plavcic on
kurkuma u sapunu

We wash our hands, body, face with soaps... sometimes they are used for shaving or as hair shampoo. What if we told you that you can use Sapunoteka's natural herbal soaps even in the sea?! While paying attention to the sustainability of the eco-packaging of our products, we also pay attention to the sustainability of the natural ingredients in the products. Therefore, there is really no danger if, for example, you wash yourself with Mornar soap even in the sea, because its ingredients are not harmful to the natural environment and are biodegradable.

Sapunoteka's aromatic natural soaps made from plant ingredients are safe for your skin

Soaps have been with us since the very beginning, with them we launched our brand of natural cosmetics. You can therefore find the largest selection of products right among them. We gave some of them unusual names ( Little Witch ), put them in various shapes or weights, flavored them with the scent of natural essential oils or added natural dyes such as carrot juice, green pigment (chromium oxide), paprika powder or turmeric. What they all have in common is that they are made according to a well-tested formula that is gentle on your skin, they care for it with cold-pressed vegetable oils of olive, coconut or shea butter that provide excellent hydration, with the addition of herbal ingredients such as oats or poppy seeds, and active ingredients for deep pore cleansing such as activated carbon or green clay. All our handmade natural soaps are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that also protect the skin from oxidative stress .

The role of soap in regulating skin pH and microbiome

Our skin is naturally slightly acidic so that it can more easily defend itself against bacteria and other microorganisms. When the microbiome of the skin is in balance, it can form a healthy biofilm with a protective role, which is reflected in the healthy appearance of the skin. Although the soaps are alkaline in pH value, the skin balances itself after washing (restores its naturally acidic value).

Soaps with natural nutrients are gentler on the skin, so they more effectively contribute to the balance of the skin's microbiome and protect the hydrolipidic layer, unlike synthetic ingredients, i.e. mixtures of chemicals and additives that actually make up a detergent. Therefore, avoid ingredients such as chemical foaming agents (e.g. SLS and SLES), artificial fragrances and colors, ingredients derived from petroleum, and parabens (preservatives) because they are harmful to the skin, health and the environment. 

Exclusively natural ingredients are the basis of every Sapunoteka soap

Using only natural ingredients, we follow a simple formula: fatty acids plus lye equals soap. In order for the chemical composition of the soap to be real soap, it must contain sodium and potassium salts of higher fatty acids. We wrote to you about how to recognize real soap by its chemical composition from the one for which only the commercial (trade) name of soap is used .

olive oil soaps

All Sapunoteka soaps are made from sodium salts and fatty acids of olive or coconut oil . In the INCI composition, you will therefore find, for example, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, which refers to olive oil, and Sodium Hydroxide, which indicates sodium hydroxide, that is, the alkali that soap needs to effectively dissolve dirt, among other things. The reaction of fats with alkalis in the saponification process creates a mixture of alkaline salts of fatty acids (raw soap) and glycerol . Glycerol is a well-known humectant, i.e. a skin moisturizer that makes the skin smooth and soft. This means that it will not damage the natural microbiome of the skin regardless of frequent washing.

Not so ordinary natural ingredients and their role in natural soaps

After we have listed the basic natural ingredients in soaps, let's not forget natural essential oils that can also act as a natural preservative, for example rosemary or tea tree.

However, we will also look at those not so ordinary ingredients in natural soaps, such as beer, sea salt, oats or the exotic scent of sandalwood.

Domestic craft beer

mihovil beer soap

The domestic craft beer of Šibenik brewery Mihovil is an ingredient in Sapunoteka's beer soap . This unusual ingredient makes the soap ideal for showering, washing hands and hair. It will richly nourish all three with vitamin B, bring or retain natural moisture. It helps against redness or irritation of the skin thanks to hops that contain amino acids and polyphenols because they calm the mentioned conditions. In addition, it has antibacterial properties thanks to brewer's yeast , which also helps against acne, which is enhanced by the combination with essential oil of tea tree and cedar .

sea ​​salt

Sea salt is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and iodine, which are good for our whole body and muscle toning. They act as a mechanical abrasive, so they are excellent for deep cleaning of the skin.

Soaps with sea salt (Brodić and Srce) can also be used for showering , and with additional combinations with essential oils such as mandarin-lemongrass, citronella-eucalyptus or orange-rosemary-mint, you will refresh and wake up the body.


oat soap for the face

Coarsely ground oats act as a mild exfoliant, while finely ground oats create a thin layer of mucus that soothes the skin. Therefore, oat soap is ideal for soothing inflammatory processes on the skin. It is equally good for oily and dry skin and restores the skin's natural pH balance. At the same time gentle, Better oats than a slave you can therefore also use it to clean your face. The tea tree essential oil in its composition will enhance the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew this as well, who used oats in their baths to treat skin diseases. 

Exotic sandal scents 

After shave sensation will be provided by Sapunoteka's shaving soap of shea butter and Indian sandalwood. Karite (shea butter) here has the function of creating a rich foam, while sandalwood essential oil brings an exotic woody scent, and is ideal for the care of dry, irritated or chapped skin. In combination with tea tree essential oil, it acts as an antiseptic and helps against possible skin inflammations or irritations, especially with ingrown hairs.

With ordinary or unusual ingredients, our natural and handmade soaps will represent a real pleasure in the hygiene and care of hands, face, body or hair in a natural way. They are tender and foam beautifully. As they have naturally occurring glycerin, use them properly and they will last you a long time. See the description of each product for instructions on how to use it.


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