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Beard or shaving in Movember

Posted by Marija Plavcic on
Brada ili brijanje u Movembru

Regardless of whether someone in your circle of acquaintances is the proud owner of a mustache or beard, or not, you've surely already heard how November is celebrated as mustache month. This is for a reason, although beards are nothing new when it comes to symbols of masculinity. Since ancient times, this decoration of the male face has been celebrated as a sign of masculinity, power, wisdom, faith, and even barbarism, the hippie movement or hipster culture, while since 2003 it has been celebrated for another reason - that of health. Putting aside the shaving accessories on the first of the month, and letting the mustache and beard go free until the end of the month, which will at the same time attract attention to the change in appearance and maybe a few curious inquiries, will send a very important message. It is necessary to take care of (men's) health and regularly perform (only) an examination of the testicles and prostate , perhaps not very favorite male and everyday topics.

It is an interesting statistical fact that prostate cancer has no symptoms in the initial stage, and it is also the most common form of cancer in men since 2016, according to the HZJZ. Breast cancer is the most common among women, so raising awareness about this problem is celebrated in October, known as breast cancer awareness month.

If you started Movember by growing a mustache and beard and intend to shave them at the end of the month, or if you are the proud owner of the above regardless of the current month, it is good to know a few tricks about caring for your beard and facial skin before and after shaving. That's why this is an article about well-deserved men's care with cosmetic products, which may also not be given enough attention, but also a support for Movembro (moustache= mustache + November= November).

Today, however, beards have become a trend, a kind of art made famous again by barber shops, and they come in various forms, and are often associated with the notion of a gentleman's image. We at Sapunoteca have long been celebrating "Regoč" beards with a gift package of natural cosmetics for men . Regoč is known as a gentle bearded giant from the stories of the Croatian writer Ivana Brlić Mažuranić.

Beard or shaving ?

If you shave regularly, then you surely know how to move the razor in the direction of hair growth, because otherwise it is very likely that some stray hairs will grow into the skin. You will certainly occasionally experience redness, small pimples, infection, irritation or micro damage. They can be the result of a bad tool (dull razor) or insufficient application of the shaving agent. It is preferable that the shaving product is made of natural organic ingredients, without alcohol or artificial synthetic ingredients to create foam that could irritate the skin.

Sapunoteki's natural shaving soap it is made from a combination of cold-pressed olive and coconut oil with shea butter. While oils restore, moisturize and nourish (dry) skin and heal micro-damages while disinfecting them, butter in combination with lye creates a rich foam for efficient shaving. The woody musky scent of sandalwood in this soap further enhances the bactericidal properties and prevents irritation, and is also suitable for oily skin.

Use tricks and before shaving put a warm wet towel on your face or use warm water because it opens the pores, while aftershave closes them . Sapunotekin after shave lotion without alcohol and with the scent of sandalwood, it has exactly this property thanks to witch hazel extract, which, in addition to its astringent properties, cleans and soothes the skin (redness, irritation, itching). It prevents skin damage and provides protection against free radicals thanks to wheat germ oil, which is rich in vitamin E, and shea (shea) butter, which makes it suitable for dry, normal and sensitive skin. Plant keratin, which consists of hydrolyzed wheat protein, in this lotion, in addition to restoring and protecting the skin barrier, can also be used as a beard conditioner. This protein is very similar in composition to the proteins in the skin and hair, which makes it an ideal building and regenerating agent, with excellent moisturizing properties.

On the other hand, if you care for your beard (and mustache), it is important to maintain their hygiene and wash and care for them regularly. In order for it not to become a magnet for dirt and food residues, a thorough cleaning twice or thrice a week is quite enough. Beer soap and beard care oil made of argan, sesame and sandal can come to your aid here.

beard oil shaving soap
The oil simultaneously cares for the beard , but also the skin under the chin , and helps reduce itching during the growth of a new beard. Argan oil is one of the best choices for moisturizing the face, light and fast absorbing. In addition, the cold-pressed sesame and olive oils in the composition of this product richly nourish the beard and strengthen the hair and stimulate its growth. Therefore, this oil will also provide excellent hair care with the same effect. Practical, right?!

Beer soap is rich in B vitamins thanks to beer, while brewer's yeast and hops help against acne and soothe the skin, redness and irritation. This combination is enriched with essential oils of cedar and tea tree, which makes it an effective agent with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties . And since it has a mild effect due to completely natural ingredients, it can be used universally for everything - face, beard, hair, hands and the whole body.

How important it is to know if there is a difference between male and female skin

It is important, and there is a difference! That is why it is necessary to distinguish between cosmetic products intended for women's care and men's care. Men's skin is thicker than women's by as much as 15-20% (probably because it has to withstand daily shaving - it falls on us first), it is oilier, it contains more collagen fibers, which makes it firmer, more robust-looking and subject to later aging. While women start to lose collagen already after the age of 20, on average one percent per year, in men this limit is around the mid-30s. Because it is oilier and has larger pores, men's skin is more prone to impurities and acne.

facial scrub for men

That is why it is good to introduce exfoliation into your hygiene as the first step before all the above, because it perfectly cleans the skin, removes dead cells and excess sebum and prepares it for better absorption of nutrients from natural cosmetics. It will also have a positive effect on those annoying ingrown hairs. Practical again.

On the other hand, when you finish your shaving routine with a moisturizing aftershave product, face cream should be a must. We recommend the hazelnut, tea tree and bergamot face cream which is suitable for oily and problematic skin. The rich composition of the cream will complete the care and richly nourish the skin, while the essential oils of tea tree and bergamot will perfectly tone it. We would say, the right refreshment in terms of composition and smell.

Why can't everything be simple

natural cosmetics for men gift package

And as men generally like to simplify things, and from the huge selection of all kinds of products that will be found in a woman's drawer, in men's it is mostly basic hygiene products. And we agree with that.

Simple and effective, effective and powerful, yet gentle products. Just like ours, which have a natural organic composition, they do not contain perfume oils, artificial colors, preservatives, parabens, alcohol, synthetic substances, palm oil or substances of animal origin.

A gift package of products with the scent of sandal, created for men (suitable for everyone), called "Regoč" - it has everything in one. To make things simpler, and focus on the beards of our stronger halves.

P. Š.

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