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Getting your skin ready for summer is half the job done

Posted by Marija Plavcic on
Pripremiti kožu za ljeto je pola posla napravljenog

Protecting the skin against harmful UVA and UVB radiation, and not only in summer, we all already know how and how important it is - like a "good day". Redness, burns, pigmentation, dry and chapped skin, premature formation of wrinkles... all these can be visible signs of long-term or unprepared sun exposure.

The skin is our largest and most exposed organ, but it also has an incredible ability to rejuvenate . Skin cells are renewed every month. One of the most precious ingredients of the skin, such as the protein collagen (provides firmness and smoothness) and elastin (provides elasticity and renewal), hyaluronic acid (keeps the skin hydrated) or ceramide lipids (waxy substances) are responsible for maintaining the fullness and volume of the skin, making it smooth and tight. However, collagen is already produced more slowly in the body after the age of twenty and decreases by at least 1% every year, and dehydration and UV radiation further destroy it. All these ingredients enable the skin to have a correct thermoregulatory and sensory function, as well as protection from mechanical and chemical harmful effects. It is therefore time for us to protect it and prepare it for summer.

coffee body scrub

In order to prevent oxidative stress (tissue and DNA damage) caused by harmful solar radiation, we should first stock up on antioxidants and increase the resistance of the skin from the inside . Foods that are abundant in vitamins A, C, E and B group (B3 - niacinamide, B5 - panthenol), minerals zinc, selenium, calcium, then carotenoids (beta-carotene and lycopene), polyphenols (flavonoids) and essential fatty acids - are excellent antioxidants with exactly that role, to protect the skin from aging. And let's not forget that the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin is best maintained by proper hydration with sufficient daily intake of water in the body, which is very important in the summer heat. However, our skin consists of 70% water.

We can also increase the resistance of the skin from the outside with peelings, moisturizing creams and generally rich nutrition with as natural SPF (sun protection factor) products as possible . At the same time, peels prepare the skin perfectly for summer!

Given that the removal of excess sebum, which is especially secreted in summer, and dead skin cells, allow it to breathe more easily, promoting better blood circulation and regeneration. This encourages better collagen production, stimulation and creation of new skin cells. Peeling also enables even tanning and the production of vitamin D under the action of UVB rays , which in turn is responsible for the synthesis of the melanin pigment and the stimulation of collagen production. However, due to its effect on the skin, it is recommended to wait a day or two before exposure to the sun - when using mechanical peels, or up to a week - when using chemical peels .

The difference between the two is in the method of removing dead skin cells. Mechanically

peeling can be done twice a week, and its composition has mechanical abrasive properties that can be vegetable (eg ground grains, ground olive pits or coffee beans) or mineral (eg sea salt).Chemical is done less often, every two weeks, because it uses AHA or BHA acids. BHA is beta-hydroxyl or salicylic acid, which, due to its greater depth of action, is good for whitening pigmentation spots, cleaning acne-prone skin or even removing smaller scars. The sesame oil in this Sapunoteka scrub additionally nourishes the skin with vitamin E

bha for face body

and B6, minerals, antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids, so it has an additional soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Depending on the size of the abrasives, peels can be intended for different parts of the body. Smaller ones (0.2 mm) such as ground olive or apricot pits are intended for the delicate skin of the face, neck, décolletage and shoulders. Medium granules (0.5-1 mm) such as ground coffee beans can be used on the thighs, arms or forearms, while larger granules (particles larger than 1 mm) such as sea salt, loofah seeds, ground rice or oats can be great for foot care.

In addition, basic unrefined cold-pressed vegetable oils, butters or waxes that are combined in scrubs further emphasize its function in skin care. They carry nutrients and hydrate the skin. The most commonly used oils are almond or olive oil (for all skin types), hazelnut, avocado or jojoba oil (for oily skin), and various others. Linseed oil, which you can find in our face and hand scrub with olive and lavender with a combination of ground olive pits, it additionally helps to slow down the aging of the skin, and the ceramides in the exfoliation restore the skin's protective barrier. Tired skin will be best suited to hand and body scrub made from coffee beans and vitamin C , with rich avocado oil and cold-pressed shea butter. The combination of vitamin C will additionally tighten the skin and reduce the visibility of cellulite.

natural moisturizing cream for the face

After peeling, it is necessary to moisturize the skin well! Heat and UV exposure dry out the skin anyway, so moisturizing creams and lotions (lighter textures) are especially welcome in skin care during the summer. They restore moisture and soothe and protect the acidic pH envelope. In the large selection of Sapunoteka lotions, for the summer you can choose the apricot one, which has a lighter texture and is also suitable for the face , or the almond one suitable for all skin types . For additional refreshment, choose olive lotion with lavender and rosemary essential oils . Restore moisture and essential antioxidants to your face, which you will find in the moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid and ceramides or a vitamin rich in vitamin A (beta-carotene), B3 (niacinamide), B5 (panthenol) and E (tocopherol) . Both creams are light and rich in nutrients.

After you have been well protected with SPF products, you can also use the peels after sunbathing. Contrary to the established rule that exfoliation will remove the bronze path, it will prolong the carefully acquired tan through skin care. Only then choose gentler or mechanical scrubs with essential oils that will additionally refresh the skin. That's exactly what our three creamy scrubs with sea salt are like, which also got a new ecological packaging. These are lavender scrub with cold-pressed olive oil , vanilla with cold-pressed almond oil, and lemon and eucalyptus. with cold-pressed apricot seed oil .

In addition to the skin, it is equally important to prepare the hair for the summer, which is exposed to sea salt, wind and sun, and can often look dried out like straw. Treat it with our hair oil with rich cold-pressed avocado, macadamia, sesame, argan and castor oils, and your hair will thank you just as much as your skin. You can apply it to split ends or as a pack by massaging it into the scalp before washing your hair.

When you have prepared your skin (and hair) for the summer, don't just forget about the very important SPF protective creams, and with that you have done the whole job of protection and care. Now you have nothing else to do but indulge in a carefree summer vacation.


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