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Immortelle as a leitmotif in the conversation with Lu Jakelić, ambassador of Sapunoteka

Posted by Marija Plavcic on
Immortelle kao lajtmotiv u razgovoru s Lu Jakelić, ambasadoricom Sapunoteke

Interviewed by: Petra Šafranko

Photographed by: Nikola Grabovac

In addition to the leitmotif representing a guiding thought that runs through a concept, idea or work, it is very often used in musical art, of which Lu is an ideal representative. Immortelle is the French word for flowers that never fade - immortelle. It also signifies something timeless, just like the beauty of nature. Or natural beauty, we would add.

Lu adores immortelle and says that it has been close to her all her life, from her childhood spent surrounded by immortelle fields, to collaboration with our brand Sapunoteke , which offers products with natural ingredients, among which immortelle is included.

lu Jakelić soap shop

How did we start working with Lu?

When you do something out of love, what you create, people truly recognize or immediately love. Whether it's about lyrics, notes or products for the care of the body, and we would say the spirit. This is also the leitmotif that connected our brand Sapunoteke with the famous musician and singer-songwriter Lu Jakelić.

Sapunoteka's fragrant handmade products were created out of love for nature and natural ingredients from the shores of the Adriatic. Ethical, vegan and cruelty free, protected by an ecologically certified preservative, they found their way to all natural lovers in a very short time.

On the other hand, Lu is a wonderful all-round artistic soul who rose to the stars with her own merits, effort, work and, above all, talent. And while it still climbs because only the sky (is) the limit, that is, in the words of Lu: "To reach the universe further", it is the embodiment of the values ​​that our brand represents. Authentic, simple, honest and her own. Natural, connected to nature and self.

The beauty of nature that inspires us

Even Lu's first album "Everything I kept silent about" with 12 songs was created in nature, that is, in a cabin in a small village where she gathered a team of young creative people and within ten days the work of art was born. She speaks honestly with her audience and she doesn't hesitate to let her emotions run free, she's not afraid to expose "everything she's been silent about so far". That is why it represents a true value that is increasingly sought after by young influencers in today's modern times. Lu is that warm and playful friend that everyone should have in their life.

You have surely already heard about her success, read from many interviews, probably watched it on TV screens or concerts, maybe listened to her songs (of which she is also a lyricist and composer) or her voice on Laganini radio, where she works as a presenter. Although she is still a young girl, she already has a lot of experience in her career, and with all that, she managed to get a master's degree in communication. How does it all work out, we wondered? And we asked her.

But, above all, we would say that Lu lives a natural and sustainable way of life, which we strive for more and more today. From the second-hand and vintage clothes she wears, vegetarianism, nurturing a natural look, and also participating in various ecological and sustainable campaigns.

Lu, welcome to Sapunoteka's world of natural, ecological and organic cosmetics!

In one of the interviews, you were asked what your hobbies are and what you do in your free time, to which you answered that you don't know what free time is. As they say, when you do what you love, you never need to work a day in your life. Music has been present in your life since early childhood, you write, sing, compose, talk (on the radio). Your love for music and communication is obvious. We assume you would say that your job is also your hobby?

lu Jakelić Immortal soap opera

I really like to work. Over time, I felt that it's not a matter of not knowing how to rest, but that if I do what I love, then I rest at the same time, regardless of the amount of work. Considering that I communicate through many "channels" and that the voice is really my instrument (in music and voice acting), I rest when I am silent and when I silence both my body and vocals.

In those moments of peace and quiet, do you manage to set aside time for some rituals in the care of your body and spirit? In the video published on your IG profile in which you present Sapunoteka's products, you show what your morning routine looks like... "light as Sunday morning". We would say that you like simple but high-quality care. Or?

I consider the care of the body and spirit extremely important, not only for physical balance but also for inner balance. Because of that, in the end, we "shine", that is, we have good energy. I used to love the night for studying and writing, but now the morning becomes my companion in that time for myself. I love naturalness in everything, including cosmetics. That's why I chose Sapunoteka's products - to know what I'm putting on my skin and that the ingredients haven't harmed anyone. I make sure that the ingredients in everything I use are cruelty free and natural.

We are glad to hear that 😊. So, would you say for yourself that you are more of an early riser who does everything in the morning? Or do you still like the night time to yourself? And are you more inclined to morning or evening rituals for face and body care?

I take the best of both worlds. In the morning, I like to calmly go through my rituals, from facial care, making the first coffee, short yoga or meditation and listening to the birds on my little balcony.
In the evening, I play more, I'm creative, I go out with friends, I still "lump".
In the morning, I really have a morning care routine, and in the evening or at night, I never go to sleep with makeup on my face. I take it off thoroughly and apply Sapunoteka's wild rose and immortelle cream .

As you mentioned, Sapunoteka, in addition to natural and vegan ingredients, uses those that have not been tested on animals. All our products are cruelty free and come in ecological packaging, such as distinctive aluminum tubes and recycled packaging cardboard. In addition to collaborating with us, you collaborate with other brands that promote similar values ​​and environmental awareness. How present is this way of living in your life?

I try to live a sustainable lifestyle - I reduce plastic in my home, carry everything in canvas bags, drink water from a reusable bottle for years, wrap food in wax foil (Pčelarko), educate myself, try to eat a plant-based diet... I started skin care two years ago completely turned to sustainable packaging, cruelty free and quality, natural products. In addition to Sapunoteka, the products of some other natural cosmetics (Matinata skincare, BooLab) suit my skin and my views. I am glad that people have started to educate more and more unpretentiously and loudly about sustainability on their platforms. I love our planet very much and I care about having a place to live in a few decades. I understand that change happens one day at a time and I really encourage all readers to incorporate a few simple sustainable habits into their routine.

These are certainly values ​​that Sapunoteka also promotes. Speaking of routine, we wanted to ask you about one interesting thing. Namely, in the aforementioned video, you use a face roller made of pink crystal with which you massage your face after applying the cream. Will you tell us how it works? And do you have any special ritual for applying cream to your face and body (namely, there are certain moves for massaging, tightening and toning the facial muscles)?

I turned 27 last September. I don't think that numbers are important, but how you take care of your mind and body, but since that fall I somehow deepened my knowledge about face and neck massage. I invested about a hundred kuna in a vibrating massager and watched several YouTube videos showing how to massage the product and tighten the face. In fact, the point of the massage is to "stir" the water that collects in the face and stimulate the lymphatic system, which ensures that toxins do not remain in us. At the same time, it is especially fun in the morning to "wind up" from sleeping.

This is certainly great advice, especially if we wake up in the morning with a "swollen face". In the video, you showed how to use Sapunoteka's face and body scrub BHA 2% from rosewood essential oil and sesame oil , then a daily face cream made from chamomile, black cumin and evening primrose for normal skin . And finally, a lotion made of cold-pressed almond oil, shea butter and vanilla, which nourishes the body . Since Sapunoteka's products are known for their fragrance, we wanted to ask you if you have a favorite scent or ingredient in the product? And in what order do you apply them?

lu Jakelić facial care soap

Everything listed + eye creams and mandatory sunscreen (which I put on even though it was raining outside). Lately, I've also been a fan of serums. I love herbal scents, that immortelle is very close to me throughout my life. I grew up in Podravina and I find it fascinatingly healing. Some of my order every day is to clean my face, apply serum, eye cream and sunscreen. In the evening, I take off my makeup, sometimes I put on oil, and sometimes I put on a moisturizing night cream.

Along with enjoying the "small" but important things such as relaxing on a deckchair under the sun's rays, reading a book or writing songs, we also know that you fell in love with yoga and meditation, you dance (TLZP :). In one of the interviews, you wrote that you are trying out/switching to veganism, you make sure you get enough sleep, you like walking and hanging out with animals (the kitten Nala). Would you like to tell us a little more about the philosophy of life (of body and spirit) that you cherish or aspire to?

Considering that the music industry is a very intense work environment, I really care about mental and physical relaxation. Regardless of creative creation or business meetings, what is most used in creativity is - energy. Of course, the results and the process of creation are the most fulfilling, as well as beautiful pictures and grateful feedback from the audience, but there is a lot of spending. That's why I really value silence, alone or with someone. Everything that grounds - mentioned yoga, breathing, meditation, writing, everything that brings calmness... Sometimes I just sit down and observe the environment or the people around me. After some difficult life situations last year and this year, for the first time I am extremely gentle with myself and little by little accept what is "just mine".

What is authentic and "just mine" for every woman is the contents of her purse :D. What care products can be found in your travel bag?

I always have chamomile lip balm and Sapunoteka hand cream in my purse. In the summer, I also carry a face cream with me, because without it, I get red and even more freckled (even though I really love and respect that freckle on myself :)

And finally...we would refer again to the mentioned video that you end with the message "Slow down and enjoy". Apparently strength and tenderness can really go hand in hand. And this is then reflected in external security. And we would add external beauty as well. Would you like to add any final message?

Absolutely! Well, that vitality in us is unusual. Human beings seem to learn the most about life when they go through intense and rapid changes, and about themselves - when they slow down and calmly observe themselves. Maybe that's my current message: listen to what suits you and what leads you to that reflection in the mirror that you smile at and say you really love. Some days are easier than others, but peace does not come by itself. I think every day is an opportunity to choose him.

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