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With coffee beans, grounded olive seeds or BHA exfoliator - which one to choose?

Posted by Marija Plavcic on
Sa zrncima kave, prahom koštica masline ili BHA piling - koji odabrati?

Each of our exfoliators can find a place in your beauty routine, and which one you choose depends primarily on what you want to achieve.

Face and body exfoliator BHA 2%

sapunoteka bha piling za lice i tijelo

If you want to gently cleanse the pores, soften the top layer of skin and thus facilitate the removal of dead skin cells, either on the face or body, then it is face and body scrub with 2% BHA ideal choice for you. It is also suitable for the care of oily and problematic skin prone to acne, and may even be your ally in the fight against acne. For this reason, it can also help with the care of acne on the skin of the body (eg on the back, chest, etc.).

This exfoliator belongs to chemical peels, ie it does not contain mechanical particles, but the peeling effect is achieved with salicylic acid, also known as beta hydroxy acid, whence its abbreviation BHA. A concentration of 2% ensures good performance.

Apply to dry, clean skin. It is left to act for ten minutes and then rinsed off. Rinsing is not necessary. The area around the eyes is avoided. It can be used once or twice a week, in the evening.

Face and hand scrub Olive seeds & lavender

sapunoteka piling koštice masline lavanda za lice i ruke

Some people prefer a mild mechanical peel to remove dead skin cells, and in that case it suits them better to use hand and face scrub with extremely fine particles of olive seed powder. In addition, this scrub also contains nourishing oils of flax, olive and shea butter.

It is applied to wet skin, massaged into the target area and then rinsed with lukewarm water. It can be used once a week, in the evening.

Hand & Body Scrub Coffee & Vitamin C

sapunoteka piling za tijelo i ruke kava vitamin c

For body care, especially thighs, heels, nail polishes, etc., rich, nutritious will come in handy peeling with coffee beans which gently removes dead skin cells while hydrating the skin with avocado oil and shea butter. Vitamin C, which is in a stable form in this scrub, will take care of additional refreshment and radiant appearance of the skin.

It is applied during the shower, on wet clean skin, and then gently rinsed with warm water. It can be used once a week, preferably in the evening.


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