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Let's help Kiara!

Posted by Marija Plavcic on
Svi za Kiaru!

Little Kiara just turned 7 years old and is already facing the hardest battle of her life. She was recently diagnosed with extremely rare and malignant tumor on brainstem. Her only hope is experimental treatment in a few specialized clinics in the USA.

The treatment is very expensive, up to 5 million USD. It’s kind of money that most people don’t have, but a lot of people with small contributions can raise together. A great humanitarian aid has been organized in Croatia for Kiara's treatment, and this is our way to help this great cause, together.

This Black Friday, you can help Kiara, too. You will be rewarded with a 20% discount, and 50% of all sales from November 26th - 29th on our web shop will be donated to cover Kiara's treatment costs.

If you wish, you can donate for Kiara's treatment directly. There are several ways to do that:

Through Go get funding platform .

Through Red Cross Croatia,
Account number IBAN: HR7823900011500216860,
Description: Donation for Kiara's treatment
Model: HR02
Call id: your VAT number

Through Kiara's mom account, Matea Lambaša Goršić
IBAN: HR8125030073151000296
Descritpion: Donation for Kiara's treatment
Model: HR99
Call id: your VAT number
Swift: VBCRHR22
Sberbank d.d.

Official page of this humanitarian aid is Kiara želi život, where you can find all the relevant information.

Please consider sharing this with your friends and family! Thank you. :)

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