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Which essential oils to improve mood and mental health

Posted by Marija Plavcic on
Kojim eteričnim uljima poboljšati raspoloženje i mentalno zdravlje

Health is not only the absence of disease, just as mental health is not only the absence of psychological problems. It is much more than that. We have witnessed this in the last year when nature tested us in many ways (covid pandemic, physical isolation, earthquakes and accidents). Besides happiness and contentment, creativity is the best indicator of mental health. When we are not tired, stressed or exhausted by worries and obligations, creativity, which is also an indicator of our full mental potential, can come into action.

Mental health week, which is celebrated in May , is not just a one-week focus on this important factor for our lives. Almost two-thirds of today's diseases occur precisely because of constant exposure to stress. Rest is very important for good mental health. Take a real break at work while not thinking about work, get up from the computer every half hour and walk around the room or look into the distance (through the window), and don't forget to hydrate yourself because water helps to flush out stress and accumulated toxins from the body. Regular exercise has been proven to help mental health, and it can be a light stretching of the neck and shoulders in the morning, or a walk to work in the fresh air and sunlight during the day. Developing healthy sleep habits and investing in positive relationships and friendships also help reduce stress levels.

The beauty of the action of essential oils is that they have developed features of adaptation to your body. They can simultaneously relax and soothe if you are stressed, but also remove fatigue - such as the scents of citrus and sweet orange or the floral scents of lavender, patchouli and ylangylang. They can boost energy and clear thoughts by giving focus, but at the same time mentally relax - such as the scents of eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon or pine. Other oils with a similar stimulating effect, such as mandarin, orange or ginger can be good allies for better productivity, and at the same time have a relaxing effect on the psyche. For better memory, four oils are standard effective: rosemary, sage, lavender and mint. The essential oils of sage, chamomile, lavender, jasmine and rosemary, which act as real natural antidepressants, can effectively balance emotions, especially in the case of depression. And for a mild shock, use peppermint or thyme.

In the Sapunoteka web shop you will find these essential oils:

essential oils for mental health SAGE - great for lowering blood pressure, improving concentration and memory.

MINT – reduces the stress hormone cortisol (but also the desire for sweets), headache and migraine, refreshes and mentally stimulates.

ORANGE and MANDARIN - remove anxiety and promote good mood.

ROSEMARY - it is known that even the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used its aroma to stimulate memory and increase energy levels and alleviate nervous exhaustion.

LEMON – a multipurpose oil that is similar to lavender in its soothing and refreshing effects.

LAVENDER - known as the "mother of all essential oils", it is excellent for the nervous system, relieves anxiety, insomnia and nervousness due to linalool and linalyl acetate, which have a sedative effect.

Essential oils can be used individually or in scent combinations. So, for example, for fewer worries and to calm the nerves, you can combine lavender with sage, mint or other refreshing oils. Essential oils are instant support and instant relief from stress and certainly a welcome aid to mental health. You can reach for them easily and discreetly, whether you use them in sprays, roll-ons, aroma lamps or diffusers (they disperse essential oil particles without heating without changing their chemical composition and therapeutic effectiveness). If you don't have the opportunity to use any of the above, here's a trick with a container of salt - drop a few drops of essential oil in coarse sea or Himalayan salt and let the scents slowly release into the space (salt slows down the evaporation of the oil).

where to buy pure essential oils

Don't forget, to maintain mental health it is necessary to always find time for yourself! And you can find your "five minutes" in aromatic baths or aroma massages, which have a visible relaxing effect on the nervous system, improving the functions of the circulatory and lymphatic systems already at the first use. With aroma massage, you can remove tension from the body, especially in the areas of the head, neck and shoulders. It is only necessary to use high-quality, one hundred percent pure and organic oils, and in the case of massages, apply them mixed with base oils (essential oils must not be applied directly to the skin).Sapuneteka sensual massage oil it is a combination of base oils with essential oils of fragrant patchouli, warm notes of cloves and refreshing lemon.

As all our fragrant products are made from pure essential oils , we would say that they have a similar effectiveness in relaxation. Here, we too enjoy relaxing while writing this text, surrounded by our products with wonderful aromas that spread through the space. Enjoy us, so you too, treat yourself to one of our fragrant products!


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